In re: Sealed Warrant, No. 22-mj-8332 (BER).  

A federal magistrate judge in Florida has directed the Department of Justice to docket with the court a public copy of the affidavit, with redactions, supporting the magistrate judge’s issuance of a warrant authorizing the August 8, 2022 search of former President Donald Trump’s residence. 

Having reviewed proposed redactions as the court had requested of the government last week, the magistrate judge found that the government met its burden of demonstrating a substantial government interest in redacting portions of the affidavit, and that those proposed redactions are narrowly tailored to support the government’s interests. 

At this time, it is not known how extensive the redactions will be.

Prior to the court’s issuance of its order, media intervenors, joined by a group advocating public accountability, submitted a motion asking that portions of the government’s brief in support of its redactions be unsealed.  It does not appear that this request has been ruled upon.

There now appear three entries on the case docket that indicate that certain items will be sealed until further notice.  No description accompanies these entries. 

In addition, a declaration of an individual who recounts encounters with the former President’s associates, and who plans to publish a book concerning his experiences, has been docketed.  

JustLawful is unable to discern the significance of the notices that docketed entries are now sealed, nor is JustLawful certain of the significance of the sworn declaration. It is hoped that compliance with the Order to Unseal will illuminate the significance of both the docket notices and the declaration.

Today’s Relevant Documents:

2022 08 25 Order to Unseal

2022 08 25 Media Intervenors Motion to Unseal

2022 08 25 Florida Center for Government Accountability Joinder in Motion to Unseal

2022 08 25 Declaration

2022 08 25 Docket 22cv8332

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